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Bye-bye Negativity, Fall Purge & Prep

Fall, Autumn, whatever word you use for this season, it’s favorite of seasons.

The weather is a whole lot colder, and my outside projects are fewer. Suddenly my focus and my time is all about my indoors. I’m nesting. I’m preparing my “nest”, my home, for even more time indoors as the weather continues it’s cold and wet descent.

Looking around my nest, I see what has been neglected or left for later over spring and summer. “Later” has come and it is time for some fall prep and purge. It’s similar to spring cleaning and clearing. And when I mean “clearing” I’m not just talking about the piles clothing and goods that I took yesterday and donated to a local charity. Or my trip through my pantry to see what foods were outdated. All these “linear” purges and prepping for winter and the holidays are important, but I’m also cleaning, clearing and purging the negative energies and the thoughtforms that might have piled up while I was busy outdoors and elsewhere. It’s time for our space to be super clean on all levels.

The last thing you want is to be trapped in all season with that negative heavy energy.

I don’t limit prepping and purging, cleaning and clearing to just this season. I “clear” around me constantly. Multiple times a day to be truthful. It’s one of the reasons many people say our place feels so good, but it’s this season that I spend a little more intentional time on it.

My fall clearing begins with the linear stuff, aka my closet, my cabinets and definitely my pantry. Non-perishable do have expiration dates. I just found a few that were marked 2015. Boy, time flies.

I recycle, dump and drive to donate, I purge us of the things that are no longer serving us. This is really important. Even the abandon stuff in your home piling up can add to the overall energy of the way your home feels, and how it collects positive or negative energy.

Once that is done it’s then time to purge and clear the non-linear “stuff”, negative thoughtforms (NTFs), or negative energy (NE), or even ghosts. Call it whatever you like, it’s really there, and it really effects everyone especially if they are spending long periods of time surrounded by it.

In Ka Ta See, one of the first things all students learn is how to clear negative energy. We are taught quite a few different effective tools. I learned that for years I had just been blowing smoke when I smudged and not actually clearing the space. It was learning to clear properly and keeping my home clear, that has been a significant part of my own healing. It significantly reduced my anxiety and stress.

Unfortunately, NTFs/NEs are super easily created by us humans. We do it really well and very often. And most of the time we don’t know we are doing it.

Our thoughts and emotions, spoken or not spoken, exist and have an effect. They can affect us physically and mentally. Sometimes stay with us taking up residency either on us or in our physical body, or our spaces. Or they can leave us and find another negative thoughtform, a like negative energy, and become bigger and more potent. We create them and others create them. They are everywhere. When I go shopping or out in public I clear. I’m so used to not having that negative energy around me that I clear constantly while out in public. There’s a coffee shop I sometimes go to that the owners know I clear while I’m there. They say they always look forward to my visits because of it.

Most of the time when you clear you can immediately not only feel, but see a change in the people around you. I was clearing at the airport ticket line after the person in front of me threw a fit to the counter help. I really didn’t want to step into that non-linear “shit.” So, I cleared. The woman at the counter went from looking like she was going into battle, to physically rolling her shoulders and physically shaking off the last person. Her frown then changed to a smile when I looked at her, and we proceeded like nothing had just happened.

A person who knew a friend of mine reached out to me to clear a home she was trying to sell. It had been on the market for a year. Lots of interest but something always stopped the process of closing the deal. Sure enough, it was "heavy" with negative energy. It had everything everyone could want in a home, but it didn't feel good. I cleared it and gave her some tips spirits had suggested and it sold within a couple of weeks.

We’ve all walked into offices and homes that just don’t feel good. To me they feel heavy…dirty. If you don’t know better, and even sometimes when you do, this affects you negatively, and you take a piece of it away with you. And like attracts like, if you are carrying negative energy, or your home is holding some, more negative energy will be attracted to join in.

SO… clear it.

Use fall as your excuse if you must, but I have a feeling once you feel how good you feel in a cleared space you won’t want it to be any other way.

Your home of all places should be safe from all this negative energy, and keeping it safe isn’t that complicated. I remember my very Christian grandmother used to sweep and say, “Out and out bad spirits.” And tell us, “a clean home was a healthy home.” She couldn’t be righter. It’s no wonder Witches were symbolized with a broom, most witches did their best healing work cleaning and clearing homes of NTFs. And it doesn’t surprise me at all witches are symbol with the fall season of holidays, when cleaning and clearing is more predominate.

I sweep and I clear my home in many ways continually. I love my home. I want and need it to be a safe haven, a place of healing and rejuvenation for me and my family. There’s no bigger compliment to me than when someone tells me my house FEELS great.

Keeping your house literally clean is an important step. Just like how blackberries, poison oak and ivy tend to grow in neglected places, NTFs can gather and accumulate in your ignored spots. I’m continually reminding people – own your home or something else will. Make it YOUR home.

Kids are back in school, and just like germs, they can be bring home NTFs with them. Family are coming, and they might not only be bringing uninvited guests, but creating and leaving a few in your home, too. One of the first time I had ever heard about smudging, a method to clear a home of NTFs, was from a friend. Walking into her house she apologized for the strong smell. She said, “I’m sorry, I just smudged. My mother-in-law just left.”

Smudging your house correctly is just one of the tools I’ll be teaching in my FREE online Clearing Class. There are many other tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years that help keep my home clean and clear of Negative Energy and Thoughts. In this class, I’ll share a few of favorites that you can use in your own home.

If you are interested in join in this Free Online Class on Clearing, join my wait list. Once there are five or more students, we will set a date and time.

If you aren’t interested in join the class, but would like me to clear your space, you can learn more about on My Work page. Just scroll down.

Just love this time of year! Time to purge!

Big love,

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