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Clearing: Prep & Preparedness

I love Fall. It’s my favorite of all the seasons. We begin to spend a little more time inside. We begin to plan for winter. We begin to nest.

Right now, I’m working on put my garden to rest for the season. I’ve been preserving, filling my pantry with my harvest. My attention slowly over the weeks has become more focused on my indoors. I’m clearing out and cleaning up, even reorganizing, areas of my home that have laid neglected while I played outside all summer.

The holidays are just around the corner, and we’re getting calls already on who will be visiting and staying with us. Our nest, our home will be filled with people, coming and going over the coming weeks.

I call this season, a season of “Prep & Preparedness”. But for me, it’s not limited to my shelves and guest towels. I prep and prepare my home for the uninvited guests – Negative Thought Forms (NTFs), or what some call negative energy (NE).

Call it what you like, it’s a real thing. I’ve spent most of the last few years learning how to clear it off and out – and more important – and kept out – of me, others, my home and others spaces. NTFs/NEs are created by humans. Our thoughts and emotions, spoken or not spoken, are created and have an effect. They can become animated, they can affect. They can affect us physically and mentally. They can take up residence in our homes, in our bodies, and in our friends and in our families. We create them and others create them. I can’t stress enough how important it is not to allow your thoughts to just spew negativity. That’s a whole other blog.

Creating them aside, remember for a moment walking into a home that was perfectly clean but didn’t feel right. Or you were around a person who socially would fit all the norms, but didn’t feel right. Most of these times you are tuning into NTFs around them or in them.

Your home of all places should be safe from all this negative energy, and keeping it safe isn’t that complicated. I remember my very Christian grandmother used to sweep and say, “Out and out bad spirits.” And tell us, “a clean home was a healthy home.” She couldn’t be more right. It’s no wonder Witches were symbolized with a broom, most witches did their best healing work cleaning and clearing homes of NTFs. And it doesn’t surprise me at all witches are symbol with the fall season of holidays, when cleaning and clearing is more predominate.

I sweep and I clear my home in many ways continually. I love my home. I want and need it to be a safe haven, a place of healing and rejuvenation for me and my family. There’s no bigger compliment to me than when someone tells me my house FEELS great.

Keeping your house literally clean is an important step. Just like how blackberries, poison oak and ivy tend to grow in neglected places, NTFs can gather and accumulate in your ignored spots. I’m continually reminding people – own your home or something else will. Make it YOUR home.

Kids are back in school, and just like germs, they can be bring home NTFs with them. Family are coming, and they might not only be bringing uninvited guests, but creating and leaving a few in your home, too. One of the first time I had ever heard about saging, a method to clear a home of NTFs, was from a friend. Walking into her house she apologized for the strong smell. She said, “I’m sorry, I just saged. My mother-in-law just left.”

Saging your house is just one of the tools I’ll be teaching in my upcoming class, “Healthy Home.” There are many other tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years that help keep my home clean and clear of Negative Energy and Thoughts. In this class, I’ll share and show how you can your change the energy in your home so that it helps invite in health and well-being.

If you think there’s more going on in your home than you can handle, you can always contact me about my Clearing work. I’m here to help.

Clearing of NTFs and NE is some of the most important work I do. This fall season, as we head back into our home, as kids are back in school, and as family and friends are visiting, I’m going to keep focusing on the different aspects of Clearing work and share more stories how a little Clearing made a whole lot of difference in people’s lives.

You can learn more about my Extraction/Clearing work for You, Your Home or even Your Business here.

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