Retreat with Lora at Keddie Farms

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Do you have something of yourself, of your Song, that you would like to work on without interruption? Would it help to work on it away from your life’s distraction? To be able to work on with the support of the unconditional love and connectedness of both your spirit team and Lora Keddie?


The One-on-One Retreats at Keddie Farms with Ka Ta See Shaman, Lora Keddie offers you all of that and more.


You pick the subject, and that what we’ll work on.


You pick what you are seeking aid with and we will spend 2.5 days completely focused on you and what you are seeking. 


Are you looking to connect deeper with your Song? Are you struggling with masks? Do you feel blocked, creatively or in your goals? Are you looking to find what is holding you back from your own peace, health, and happiness?

These 2.5 days will be completely designed around your needs and requirements to aid you in your goals. Most retreats will include up to five One-on-One sessions with Lora and your spirit team, one Guided Spirit Reading by Lora on your topic, and at least one Song Ceremony.

Your stay on Keddie Farms

As part of your Retreat, you’ll be staying in the fully stocked Campy at Keddie Farms. Campy includes a queen bed, a small kitchen, and a bathroom with a small shower. Keddie Farms is a 43-acre active organic farm in Aurora, Oregon. The farm is the last farm down a long gravel road. Even though it’s only 5 minutes and 3 miles off of I5 south, you’ll feel when you arrive that you landed in a space quite separate from the rest of the world. Keddie Farms is very much alive and teaming with many, many spirits. The energy work done on the farm and to the land, the spirits on the land, and the land itself will support you in your personal goals during your Retreat. It’s quite magical here. Your healing and what you seek will begin the second you set your intention to have a Retreat at Keddie Farms. You can see more about Keddie Farms on the website: and the amenities of Campy on our Airbnb posting here. During your stay, you will have access to the 20 acres of forest and its trails.


Meals are included

Depending on when you arrive and leave, you will be served breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The meals will be gluten-free, soy-free, sugar-free and starch free. We will go over your allergies before you arrive. The food will be nutritional and part of the healing magic that comes with working with Lora Keddie and Keddie Farms.



Price: 2.5 Days Retreat with Lora

Tuesday – Thursday, Introductory Price: $1500 (regularly $1850)

Friday – Monday, Introductory Price: $1850 (regularly $2200)



2.5 days Stay in Campy, The Camper on Keddie Farms

2.5 Days of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Up to five One-on-One Session with Lora Keddie

One Guided Spirit Ready by Lora Keddie

At least one Song Ceremony


Excludes all travel costs. 2.5 days may vary based on your travel needs. Credit Cards accepted. 50% down required to reserve a date. Full payment required 7 days prior to arrival. Cancellation accepted up to 2 weeks prior to the reserved date with a loss of 50% deposit unless a new date is reserved. Lora Keddie reserves the right to cancel any Retreat at any time for any reason.


Rules: You must come alone. No pets or guests. There will most likely be a little farm activity, but for the most part, you’ll be alone with just Lora during your days. You must refrain from all non-prescribed drugs and alcohol including smoking and chewing tobacco, vapers and marijuana. No fragrances. Please do not bring or use any products with fragrance. No leaving the farm without the permission of Lora. Once you are here you must stay in the “medicine” of the Retreat. There is Wi-Fi and for some Retreat goals, it will be necessary and for some a distraction. If it’s a distraction from your goals, it will be turned off. No venturing into the woods alone without prior consent. It is wild and we want you to have a safe Retreat.

If you would like more information about Retreating with Lora on Keddie Farms or would like to schedule your private retreat, click the button below to email me.