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My Little Store of Goodies

Shop my collection of products that were spirit inspired, and created by myself and a few of my truly gifted friends.

I am surrounded by amazing spirits, both those with bodies and without. I wanted to create a place where products could be found that were both spirit and, as we say in KaTaSee, Song inspired. Many products are from our 43-acre farm and forest in Aurora, Oregon, where we grow, harvest and create lotions, dried and fresh herbs as our local weather, and the season itself prepares them. Each season brings its unique delights and offerings. From stinging nettles in early spring to coriander in late summer, all ingredients are freshly prepared shortly after harvest. Creating the highest quality products. All "lotions and potions" are hand mixed and hand-poured, and filled with lots of love and gratitude. We are always experimenting and adding new products, so check back often to see what is new and available. 

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