Simply, I am a farmer, a wife, a step-mom, a cat mom, an ordained minister that can’t get anyone to call me “The Revered”, a chicken herder, an auntie, an artist, a storyteller, a potions creator, a lover of nature, a listener of plants, weather and Spirits, and a Ka Ta See Shaman.

Born and raised in Portland, I am a city girl that fell in love with Oregon farmlands. I live with my husband in our rural area on our 43-acres of farm and forest. We raise organic meat chickens, and grow and harvest medicinal herbs. I pick, dry, mix and stir “lotions and potions” from the organic plants we grow and from those that we wild harvest from our 20 acreages of forest. I’m incredibly happy when my hands are in the dirt.


I like most people have a longer story about how I got here. I had my own "yellow brick road to Oz." My Oz was learning who I really was... my yellow brick road was learning the practice of Ka Ta See. You can read about it in my blog. >> 

I am a Ka Ta See Shaman.


Ka Ta See is a 30,000-year-old practice, that only recently came unchanged to the modern world through my teacher, Kay Cordell Whitaker - Grandmother of these traditions. For many years I've been learning everything she has been willing to teach me about the ancient energy healing tradition of Ka Ta See and and the ancient Egyptian predynastic mystery teachings from the temples of Isis and Osiris. After years of training, in 2017 I became a Ka Ta See Shaman, a teacher of Song, and began my training to become a Kala Keh Nah Seh ... a Seer, a Healer, and a Weaver of Webs of Balance.

As a Ka Ta See Shaman, I've been trained in ancient healing works of the mind, body and spirit. We do not separate the three but work to bring them all into balance. I work with what you might consider quantum physics, but we see as Spirits, Life Energy and Subspace. It's potential is huge, and the change it can make in everyone even greater.

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I am a Spirit Listener.

I used to say Spirit Talker. Though more commonly used, the fact is we can all talk to Spirits. They hear everything, but over the years I've learned how to "hear" them. 

We each of have a team of Spirits. I connect to yours and mine to provide guidance and information for your physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Connecting with Spirits is the best part of my work.

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I am a Ka Ta See Red Door Practitioner


Ka Ta See Red Door is an Ancient Energy Healing Instrument, aka to the quantum physic techies as Dimensional Entry Transmission Field Generator, developed by Kay Cordell Whitaker, Grandmother of Ka Ta See. It is a tool for accessing and broadcasting information and healing energies over long distances for extended periods of time. 

I've personally experienced and have helped many others with this amazing tool.

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Spirit Readings

& Guidance

In a reading you can come with a question, ask for guidance on a subject, or just have the Spirits share with you what they feel you need to know at that moment.

Ancient Energy

& Red Door Work

The combination of Ka Ta See  & Egyptian Ancient Healing Traditions, plus the quantum physics work of  Red Door, we can help restore your physical, emotional & spiritual bodies.

Home & Property Clearings

Clearing a space is a great way to give your home, office or business a fresh, clean, energetic start. Or I can help you figure out what is literally haunting your place.


& Events

Come play!

Regularly, I find the time for my other love to… teaching classes, offering ceremonies, or hosting larger group readings.