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What's the story with this Red Door? 

In this video we briefly talk about how the Red Door does its wonders for any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body, but we continue to tell some amazing stories of healings we and others have experienced.


LISTEN, WATCH, HEAR & MEET to learn more about this easy-to-use life-changing tool and those who have already experienced its gifts. 

The amazing Red Doors!

Learn more.

In many of our Ka Ta See Healing Talks, we’ve talked about the Ka Ta See Red Door, also known as the Red Bowl, but what is the Red Door all about? Why are so many people excited about them and wondering how they ever lived without them? Why is the Ka Ta See Red Door on so many people’s holiday wish lists?


The ease and direct control of their optimal health and ultimately happiness could be one of the main answers.


Below is a series of recorded talks focusing on and sharing about: 

What makes the Ka Ta See Red Door so crucial to human health and happiness and how easy it is to use, offering you the ultimate control over your health. And how it can share detailed information about what is going on in your body or someone else’s.


We invited practitioners to share their experiences working with the Red Door, and we asked them to share their experiences receiving Red Door Healing work for themselves, their loved ones, and their clients. You’ll be able to hear some remarkable and often miraculous-sounding stories of healing.


In these talks, you will learn how simple it is to use the Ka Ta See Red Door to keep you and your loved ones thriving. We share the value and incredible power gained by having your own Ka Ta See Red Door and explain why once you use this tool to broadcast on yourself, you’ll never want it to stop.


Some of the things we share are how easy it is to:

  • find Health Answers with more specific details and without Blood Draws, Urine Test and Xrays

  • more than detox ... eliminate Pathogens and Poison and heal damage

  • return biosystems to original blueprints and reverse diseases and disorders

  • do many of the things that modern medicine says are impossible.


Ka Ta See Healing Talk Videos on the Red Door

Ka Ta See Healing Talk: 

What's The Story With The Red Door


In this video, we briefly share about how this powerful tool works, and then we go into some share of amazing stories of healing.


Ka Ta See Healing Talk: 

Taking Back Control Of Your Health 


The Ka Ta See Red Door is easy to use and can bring amazing life-changing results. In this talk we have other guest joining us to share about her experiences and success using the Red Door for her family.


Ka Ta See Healing Talk: What is Coherence and why do you want to be in it?


In this video, we will learn what is Coherence? Why is it a game changer in optimal human health? And, how can and does the Ka Ta See Red Door utilize Coherence to help those on this planet thrive. Plus more amazing success story sharing!


Ka Ta See Healing Talk: 

How To Find The Causes Of Diseases


In this video, we share about using the Red Door for analysis to find the core causative issues of disease. We talk about how and why the Red Door is such an effective tool for finding the causes of disease and we touch on how we use the Red Door to help heal the issue once we have found the causes. 



Ready to start your Red Door adventure?

If you want to learn more about the different opportunities for receiving Red Door Broadcasts or to find out how to you can own your own Red Door and learn to use it, please email me at 

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