Humans are amazing. We are capable of much more than the majority of us were told we could do. The studies of Ka Ta See shows you that. Through the Ka Ta See practices you learn the more about yourself and the more that is out there in the world. You learn how to connect to it and learn directly from it. You learn who you really are and what you came here to do. Ka Ta See as a practice can help you find and hold on to the you you have been looking for.

Ka Ta See On-going Class & Course Options

Ka Ta See studies branch into two main categories - The Practice and The Red Door. You can learn more about either by clicking the buttons below. Or scroll down further for more class and course options.

Ka Ta See


Studies & Courses

Ka Ta See as a practice has been handed down and taught, unchanging for over 30,000 years. From the basic understandings that were shared in the entire tribe about their true identity to learning more about your own Spirit Abilities, the classes and course of Ka Ta See can teach you the more about yourself, your gifts and the world you live in.

Ka Ta See

Red Door

Studies & Courses

Developed by Kay Cordell Whitaker, the Ka Ta See Red Door Bowl and studies allows you to access and direct energies, both as a healing, manifesting and communication device. These studies take you into the amazing world of quantum physical and the deeper understanding of the power of your thoughts.

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Wait List Class & Course Options

Below is a group classes and courses I offer. If you are interested put yourself on the waitlist. As soon as there or five or more interested I set a date and time for the class that meets the needs of the group.  Private classes welcome too if you have your own group of five or more interested.

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Pendulum Basics for Accurate Use of a Pendulum

Cost: $55

Date will be set when five or more people join wait list.

Information is out there and available to everyone. Accurate use of a pendulum is a way to ask and receive this information. Known as “dowsing,” asking questions with the use of a pendulum can bring you an amazing amount of clarity, and help with very simple questions like, "Is the milk bad?” to more complex questions, "Am I following my true path"? Everyone, every human, can access this information, it's quantum physics and Ka Ta See Shaman Lora Keddie will give you the basics to become successful at dowsing for your own answers. This class price of $55 includes a pendulum.

The class date and time will be set once there is a minimum of five students registered. you can register and you the join the wait list by emailing me at

Manifesting Course: Six Class Series 

Cost:  $459

Date will be set when five or more people join wait list.

In this six-part class course you will learn the tips, tricks and tools to bring the things you want into your life to you and how to quit filling your life with things that don’t serve you. You will learn what are manifesting energies and how you draw them to you. You will learn how to clear out manifesting blocks and make room for your desires instead. You will learn how to clearly ask for what you want, why it’s important to be clear and how to ask for help for other entities. You will learn how powerful you are as a human to have and draw the things you want in your life. 

This course price for the six classes is $459. The class date and time will be set once there is a minimum of five students registered. you can register and you the join the wait list by emailing me at

This class can be taught online if enough out of area students register.

End Empathing Course: Six Class Series

Cost: $459

Date will be set when five or more people join wait list.

Do you regularly feel overwhelmed by people? Do some people make you feel like they are sucking the life out of you? Are you affected by highly emotional people? Or feel anxiety often near people? You could be empathing.


Empathing is the mirror of people emotions. But it goes further than that. When you empath, you are actually bringing others energies into your body. And, when you do this, you end up bringing ALL of them, their emotional energies, and their physical disorders too. Many times these energies end up staying in the body and creating emotional and physical disorders of your own. But hold others energies also slowly makes us lose track of our own, including our own knowing of ourselves. We get so full up of others energies that we don’t hear and feel our own emotions and feelings any more.


Learn how to stop and end empathing in this six part class series.


This class series will be held one day a month over six months. Each month will teach and offer tools to students on how to end empathing habits while building strong abilities to both block, allow and understand accurate nonlinear/psychic information, including emotional information. Student will learn the tools of not absorbing energies that do not belong to them, along with learning how to repair their own auric field and use it as a filtering system. Teachings will include learning more about who they really are and what they are capable of. In Ka Ta See we call this learning your Song. This class is not limited to those who already understand they are empathing. Most humans are regularly absorbing energy that doesn’t belong to them. If you notice anxiety or exhaustion being around others, you should consider joining this class. As a former Empath, Lora Keddie has experienced the beauty and strength, and ultimately physical health and well being, that came from learning how to stop empathing.


This class will cover:

What is really happening, especially to you and the other person, when you empath

What are “psychic vampires”, “succubus” and “pushers”

What is your Song.

How to find yourself in among all the energies of others you are holding.

How to notice when you are “drawing” others energies into yourself.

What is Life Energy and how does it play its part in your protection.

How to rebuild your auric field and use it as a filter for information.

What are Thoughtforms and how to decide what to acknowledge.

How to Clear, yourself and your surroundings.


Free Clearing Class Video

Enjoy this video of a recent online class on how to clean and clear you and your space of negative energies and thought forms accurately.

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