I love what I do.

I listen, I share, I teach, and I connect you to the more, a more that is available to all of us.

I work with Spirits, Unconditional Love and Life Energy. It’s a potent mix that can bring huge changes to your life: physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

I love this work. Whether through bringing in your Spirit Guides to do guided reading, or opening up to Life Energy to work on your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies, I so enjoy connecting you to the more that’s out there – the more that’s inside of you. My work is done through deep listening and allowing. I often call myself a pawn or the middleman… middle-medicine woman. I listen and I share. It’s them, not me, giving guidance. They directed my words and the amazing available Life Energies. I’ve learned to listen and allow them to share truth, insight, and knowingness with us. I’ve been trained and understand modern shamanic practices, but moved away from those practices to the more ancient practices of Ka Ta See Healing Arts. I can help clear what no longer serves you, your family, or your home, and help allow energies that you need to expand and grow. I help bring balance, health, and happiness into all bodies: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It's all interwoven and I help you weave your optimal, and thriving blueprint.


Readings, Spirit Guidance, Song Counseling


We all could use some guidance now and then. We can get stuck when a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer might un-stick us. Sometimes we just want to know are we on the right path, or what’s coming down this path towards us. This is where our Spirit teams come into play. We each have one, a Spirit Team that is, and they are here to help you. Often they’ve already been trying to reach out to you. This team is made up of Spirits and Guides that showed up at your birth, or ancestors and relatives that have joined along the way. I can help you connect with your team, also known as Divination. In a reading, you can come with a question, ask for guidance on a subject, or just have the Spirits share with you what they feel you need to know at that moment. Most readings last about one hour and can be done over the phone or in person. Readings can be recorded if desired.

Cost: 1.5-hours for $130.00

On-Going Counseling Cost: 3 or more sessions, 1.5-hours session $100 per session

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Clearing, Blessing, Saging & Identifying


Have you recently moved into a new place or are you trying to sell one? Have you had your home or business broken into? Do you feel unsettled like there is “junk” that needs to go? Clearing a space is a great way to give your home, office or business a fresh, clean, energetic start. Your home and business, just like your body, can attract or host energy that doesn’t belong there. This energy can make living or working there challenging. When your space is cleared it’s like a breath of fresh air. You’ll often find family and people will get along better. There may be fewer accidents or businesses will pick up. It will just feel good to be in your space. Clearing work is done mostly remotely. If desired, I can come into sage and “bless” your space following the Clearing. If you feel like something is in your home or business, like a ghost or Spirit, remotely or onsite I can help you identify what is in your home or business and potentially Clear it if desired.

Remote Clearing: $185

One Month Coherence Broadcast to Space: $295

In-Person Clearing & Saging (aka Blessing or Sealing): $395

If you want to know what is/was in your home and more information about the Spirits of the home, an additional $250

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Ancient Energy & Red Door Work


Trained in both the Ka Ta See Ancient Healing Arts and the Egyptian Mystery Teachings, as well as Ka Ta See Red Door Energy Work, ancient and quantum physics, all modalities, come into work on your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies when engaged in working with me.

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** Disclaimer: 

The healing work and teachings that we offer and that you are receiving stem from Ancient Spiritual Healing Traditions and are not intended as medical or psychological service in the allopathic sense of the term. I do not make any medical claims. The ideas, information, procedure, and suggestions we provide are based on those ancient spiritual, traditional healing traditions and are not intended as a substitute for consulting with a medical professional. I or anyone else working with me shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising from anything we provide. Our healing work and teachings are rendered within the context of the ancient traditions they are based on. Everyone receiving healing work or teachings from us is wholly and entirely responsible for their own health and healthcare.