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From the autobiography by Kay Cordell Whitaker, The Reluctant Shaman...

Kay told her mentor, Domano, that she knew plenty of people who were happy and fulfilled, though she didn’t believe it herself. He responded softly:

"This is just a picture of their masks. I assure you, what looks like happiness is just a picture for themselves and all to see that describes their distractions from the real condition beneath of love confused by pain and fear.

"And also, there is a whisper of something else, out of reach. Something more than what they know, something grand and exquisite. You know of this." 

After years of longing for some clarity and answers, and some sense of purpose and meaning, this old little man, whom she barely knew, had summed up her life in two sentences.

When she asked: “Is this what your tradition is going to teach me, to pursue this unknown?"

Domano's partner Chea responded by running her fingers round and round in a circle: 

"One can pursue forever and never catch, we teach you how to catch!” 

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Stepping into the study of Ka Ta See

Ka Ta See is a practice.

Ka Ta See is a practice applied to your life, to your living. It is not a religion. It is tools you practice to create a direct experience with life, your life, that allows to you begin seeing truly who you are and what you are, what you came here to do, what your purpose is, and all the amazing abilities, spirit abilities that came with this life of yours.

Ka Ta See translates to “learning of the ways of balance.”

The practice teaches the ways of balance beginning with teaching you how to bring it to your own life. 

There are two different courses that can begin your Ka Ta See path,

The Call of Your Song or Ka Ta See Level One Apprenticeship.

Below are links that will connect you with the Ka Ta See course pages.

There's a lot of information there, and I would love to chat with you about these studies and which option would be right for you. You can email to set up a time to chat at

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to schedule a time to chat about options for studying Ka Ta See and/or studying this ancient practice with me.

What is Ka Ta See?

The Call of Your Song

These are the beginning studies whether you start here or choose Ka Ta See Level One Apprenticeship. In this five part self guided course you learn the gifts of the directions. You will learn about your Song, your Masks, and about our connection to Unconditional Love, the Non-linear and Life Energies. This course leads you through ancient three ceremonies - The Song Ceremony, The Dance of the Earth Fire Serpent and the Pre-Dynastic Egyptian Ceremony of Forgiveness. Each class in this course brings you closer to knowing more about who you are and why you are here. It gives you tools to help direct your life towards health and happiness and returns you to the driver seat of your life.

Ka Ta See

Level One Apprenticeship

Building on The Call of Your Song, this eight party course is self guided and takes your through the first level of apprenticeship in the Ka Ta See practice. This series of classes takes you further into understanding more about you, then teaches you tools to connect you with non-linear, knowingness and spirits through ancient Ka Ta See Journeys and Ceremonies. Each class in this course takes you further into the understanding of just want we as humans are truly capable of, and reconnects you with the amazing universe we are part of.

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