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"I want to thank you for such an amazing class on Sunday. I can really feel things coming together and working toward manifestation. ... But I really wanted to share with you a huge breakthrough that I had. It was during the song ceremony that you did. ....What was uncovered was a piece of my puzzle that I have been trying to see my whole life. ... I have been working with my therapist for over a year. This was the first time I showed up to her office with tears just rolling down my face. It was the most honest I have been with her so far. I felt safe in revealing what had come to me....Anyway, It all happened because of you and the class the ka ta see work. It is deeply moving and powerful. I want to thank you so much for teaching it and creating a healing space for this work. Now I am more clear and open for manifesting and I feel worthy of it. I cant thank you enough."

--Manifest Class Student of Lora's, Portland, OR

"Lora is an amazing healer. Her combination of Ka Ta See energy healing techniques and other energy healing is powerful and effective! My daughter has been sick on and off with colds and the flu for months. We just could not seem to get her system strong. Lora detected the problem, and with one treatment my daughter was feeling much better! Her fever went away, her energy came back and she has been doing much better since then. Lora is always willing to help and is always insightful and spot on with her diagnosis and results! I cannot tell you how many times she has come to my rescue! I Love her authentic amazing communication and her ability to accurately get to the root cause of the problem. "

-- Katie, Colorado

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