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You feel it. Something is watching you. Something is standing in THAT corner. You just know it. You catch something out of the corner of your eyes. You walk into a certain space and there is just this feeling of dread that comes over you. You bought a piece of furniture from a garage sale and all of sudden there are strange noises in your house.

Or maybe it’s not you but your child noticing these things.

I have experienced one too many of these personally. They kept me in fear of entering many homes. I once told a friend that I wouldn’t go to her party since it was held her basement. I’ve walked into a room, and ran back out. I’ve had wakeful nights at many slumber parties, and I told my husband there’s no way we’ll buy an old house. My fear of ghosts, and what I perceived as evil-things, kept me from of a lot of things, and lost me a lot of sleep.

Now… Clearing homes of all that-goes-bump-in-the-night is some of my favorite work. I never saw this as one of my soul’s paths, until I saw a little child suffering from the “spook” bothering it. It’s amazing how much courage I can find when a child is involved. Terrified and determined I did it. And it turned out it was no big deal. Well actually, it was quite beautiful. No power packs, no green slime, but I did learn what created the ghost, how it formed, and how it gained so much energy…. and then I sent it to a better place, its heaven.  Post ghost, the child is thriving in school, and not surprising the family’s overall is doing better too.

It was at this moment I learned ghosts are just thoughts… big animated thoughts, but just thought energy. I’m not here to blow the excitement of the upcoming new release of Ghostbusters… so excited to see it. And I am definitely not here to change your beliefs. I believe you need to have direct experience to actually have a belief. What I directly experienced is when you see a ghost for what they really are it takes all the power they have on you away, and away is where I can make them go.

I repeat – big animated thoughts, mostly negative thought energy (NTFs). NTFs are not spirits. Some of what you are feeling and sensing in your home might be a spirit. I investigated one house to find out it was a spirit there, not a ghost. Yep, there’s a difference. The home owner and the spirit now have a great relationship together. The spirit has actually been quite helpful in many ways. A ghost, though, is never good news. They need to go.

Knowing is power. Half of what we feel isn’t always negative. The unknown can be frightening, but I can help you with that. If you are wondering what’s making that noise, what is that you keep catching out of the corner of your eye, or what’s bugging your child, contact me. I can help you figure out what’s in your home, and if need be, clear it out. Your home should be a safe space, clear of all negative energy and NTFs.

So, if you are wondering “Who gonna call?” (Couldn’t help it.) Call me :).

Learn more about my clearing work.

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