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Spring Wake Up

I enjoy the seasons, but spring slips slightly to the top of my favorites because it offers more green and blooms in my neck of the world than any other season here. Every day I walk my property some bare branch has developed buds to produce new leaves or new flowers. Migrating birds have returned and they are reintroducing themselves to us and this land. There’s so much activity suddenly. The vultures are back with their huge wingspan gliding around and following the lawnmower on the days that the sun warms the skies. The dormancy of winter has come to an end. The soils are awakening as there is more light and more warmth, and what once was dormant is awakening. My world here is sprouting. Seems a good time for me to join in.

I intentionally slow down my work with the “outside” world in the winter. It’s my time for less of others and more of me. You can read more about my winter retreating in my post Healing Your Soil, Growing Roots, Winter’s Gift of Dormancy. Now I’m ready to emerge and start connecting with others again. My me-time was fantastic. I’m made more pieces of art, learned how to crochet baskets, and got time with our kids and grandkids. I’m ready now to extrovert. Ready to connect with more humans. I like humans. It’s an odd statement to many in this time when humans have become so destructive to ourselves, to others, and to the planet. But we, the human race, have the beautiful potential to change all of it.

Humans have forgotten how amazing we are and can be once again. We are nothing but potential when we can quiet our babble and focus our attention. The nonlinear world is right there for all of us, its communication, its knowledge, its healing energies, but compared to our loud world, its “voice” is subtle. As we quiet ourselves we can then “feel it”. Once we start “feeling” the conversation and information all around us we open ourselves to more of it.

But to do that we start by mastering our attention, and the first “sound” we feel for is The Call Of Our Song.

Song is a poetic term Domano and Chea Hetaka used when teaching Kay Cordell Whitaker about our true identity, not the human being in this life we have been told we are. Our modern language lost a term for our true totality. Terms like soul and spirit just don’t cover the ancient understanding of who we are and what we are. So when Domano and Chea found Kay and shared their ancient traditions they chose the term Song to describe this part of us and taught her how to find her Song and the power and healing that comes with it. (You can learn more about Domano and Chea Hetaka in Kay’s Books, The Reluctant Shaman and Sacred Link.)

Like sunlight calling the seeds to wake up, our Song will call us to wake up to the more that is US. The more that is available to us, the more that we can do in this body and in this lifetime. It calls us, the real US to emerge and be this Song. Helmut Wahrann-Whitaker wrote about it in a recent piece, “Awakening, The Journey!”

This call can be subtle for some, or in my case really loud. At the time I didn’t know what it was and didn’t know it was a call. All I knew is I wasn’t happy. It took me years to figure out I was being called to be me and to learn who that was. Then it took me more years to be brave enough to do it. Fears can be like dragons, hoarding our treasures, obsessed with protecting them from being shared.

Luckily my Song got louder and I got braver and struck out on the journey of finding my Song.

Is your Song calling you? If one of your thoughts is, “there’s got to be more to life than this,” more than likely your alarm is going off to wake up, to emerge, and to hear your Song is what is happening. If you feel the call to the world of non-linear, of energies, and of mysteries, your Song is calling you. Here’s my thought on it… say yes. Say yes to finding out who you really are. Having done it myself, I only wish I hadn’t delayed saying yes. Finding my Song saved my life, improved my relationships, and keeps unfolding itself to the more there is to me and what I can do in this human body. It’s pretty freakin’ awesome. The best part was somewhere along this journey I fell in love with myself. The more I actually felt what real love is, the deeper and more authentically I’ve been able to love those around me. I’ve experienced, not just been taught, but experienced doing things I didn’t know were possible. I have felt and held the tsunamis of unconditional love that make up our universe. It’s pretty badass. I’m not unique, other than I said “yes”. Anyone who says yes and does the work to unwind their old beliefs and habits can join in the fun that’s right in front of all of us. It’s our human potential. It all starts with The Call Of Your Song. You can learn more about the beginning studies here. >> I’m assisting in mentoring a new group of students through the beginning studies that are online and self-paced. Along with group mentoring with me, you also get to join the live online monthly student mentorship with Kay Cordell Whitaker. She spends hours each month making sure students understand the practices, ceremonies, and studies. This LIVE time with Kay is incredible. If you have questions about any of this, please email me. I’m happy to answer your emails or schedule a 20-minute free chat. As I said earlier, I’m emerging, and whether you want to talk about Ancient Energy Work, Red Door Work, Spirit Guided Readings, or stepping into these studies yourself, I’m making more time for all of it. Find me.

Don’t hit snooze as I did. Follow that calling. I’m here to help. Big love, Lora

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