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Happier and Healthier: Detoxing The Mental & Emotional Shit

I mentioned in many of my blogs and information that in Ka Ta See Healing Arts, we don’t separate the Spiritual, Physical, Mental or Emotional bodies. For us, they are all there connected. In the Ka Ta See practice, we learn to tools to improve them all, first on ourselves and then on others. We learn to balance them all. To be healthier is to be happier. To be happier is to be healthier.

Right now, many of you, many people all over this world, are involved in some sort of physical detoxing program. Posted holiday purge of all the excess eating and drinking that happened over the last few weeks, not to mention all the “fun” you had all year. Traditionally, this month or quarter, we put our focus back on the health of our physical bodies.

Many are working on detox programs to clear pathogens and poison out of their bodies that have been hiding out in all sorts of areas of the body. What we find in our Shamanic practice when working finding these pathogens and poisons, a lot of the time they are hiding out in old injuries. Aches and pains, and old injuries you haven’t fully recovered from, often are loaded with pathogens and poison. Like attracts like. Disordered areas of the body are often magnets for other disorders.

When we use the energy and “seeing” tools we learn in the Ka Ta See Healing Arts Levels of Apprenticeship, we also noticed hiding out in those disordered body areas are often negative emotions and thoughtforms. When we “stash” feelings and emotions, and hide them deep within us, they like the pathogen and poisons go to the same hidey holes. Like attracts like. Disorders are drawn to disorders.

So, it’s post-holidays and your using your favorite detox program. Those pathogens and poison held up in your body are lifting out of their spots, they might not be living, but they are most liking reentering the blood or lymph system, and all those protected negative emotions and thoughtforms are suddenly exposed. Or entering the blood and lymph system too. What has been tucked away is now reactivated. "Shit" is coming up. Shit you forgot about and thought you dealt with already.

Many people find when they are doing a physical detox old garage they forgot about or haven’t dealt with is suddenly at the forefront of their thoughts and triggering all sorts of emotions.

This is normal.

Our emotional, physical, spiritual and mental bodies are interwoven. Each affecting one another. Damaging each other and healing each other.

If these things are coming up it’s time to detox them too. If you put them back, stash them back, you are only creating more harm, that will need to be addressed sooner or later. Or you can be preventing much needed physical or spiritual healing. The whole point of the detox was to get healthier, so it’s time to clear everything out. It’s time to truly heal.

Sometimes tall you need to purge what is bubble up, is to do is a clearing. Clearing the negative thoughts as they bubble up solves a lot. I recently did a free online class on Effective Clearing and talk extensively about it. There’s an effective way of clearing. You can watch the class here.

Other times you need help. Sometimes we’ve stashed this stuff so deep and put more emotional stuff on top of it that it takes some time and some help to un-pile it all. That’s where I can come in and help.

Between me and your Spirit team, we can help. Together we can direct you towards the happier and healthier you, all part of you. Through Spirit Guided Readings and Shamanic Counseling, we also call Song Counseling in Ka Ta See, I can help.

You can bring all your babble, all the things that are bubbling up right now, and with Spirit Guidance we can help you navigate and clear it, and get back on your personal track.

Often this time of year a lot of mind spinning that comes my way is in the form of needing change, “what should I do?” Your Spirit team has great advisors, and I can help them share their advice with you.

No matter if due to negative emotion detox bubble up or just it’s time to get some answers in life that positively direct your energy, the team of your Spirit guides and me would love to help.

If you want to learn more or schedule a session, email me at You can also find more information on my website on the page My Work.

Here’s to a happier and healthier, and song-filled new year!

Big love,


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