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Outed by a Tree

Oh, spring how I love you. The plants are happy and so am I. Yes, I’m easily happy these days. It’s not just the easily available Vitamin D the sun is offering. Right now I can feel the awakening around me. The plant life here is all emerging from its dormancy. Buds of blooms and leaves are bursting everywhere. Fresh new growth is spread over all the heat and ice-damaged branches, giving the trees a new start. I love all plants, but trees have a special place in my heart. Driving through town today I could see much diversity and beauty within the tree species. Toodling along I sent love to each that caught my attention and in that short connection I could feel their reciprocation of love coming back to me.

This is one of the first things we learn how to do in the Ka Ta See Apprenticeship program, “feel”. That’s the language of the non-linear we have forgotten. Not to think, but to stop thinking so we can “feel” and connect, and receive accurate information. Accuracy. In my highly empathic previous life, I was missing accuracy. I felt things, but I didn’t have the tools to accurately figure out what I was feeling and the information that was coming in. I spent a lot of time guessing, and years later I know how inaccurate I was. Many times when I felt something it would trigger fear, and my accuracy went way off as I fell into that rabbit hole of hearing only babble.

In the first Level of the Ka Ta See Apprenticeship, we learn what is referred to as signatures. I won’t go too far in explaining signatures, but everything has a signature and once we know our own and that of what we call our masks, we can start connecting a feeling for the signatures of others. The world is constantly radiating out information in the form of these signatures. When we can get out of our babbling minds and collect our focus there’s a wealth of information, connections, and unconditional love available to us. It was this driving along sending love to the trees, that reminded me of the tree that outed me. This tree rocked me to my core, showed me how I had been lying to myself, and made me realize how blind I was to the truth. It happened when I was attending Level Three Apprenticeship. My classmates and I were at Kay Cordell Whitaker’s home. I think it was Day One of the weekend of mindblowing studies. We were learning more about sharing energies. Again, mindblowing stuff. A little earlier in the day, Kay had talked about commitment, committing to waking up, committing to not falling back into old habits, committing to step into the more. She has always talked in a way that is nothing but unconditional love, but for some reason when she stated, “there’s a point in these studies where there is no back door,” my fear mask flared up. No escape route? What? What had I got myself into? My fear already had my mind figuring out how to wedge my foot in the hypothetic door. Luckily my Song, my true beingness, loved and craved every moment, minus my mask attacks, of my time and studies with Kay. She was sharing and guiding me into what I longed to learn and yet never knew was possible. So why was I freaking out? It was moments later that Kay had us sit with any tree on her property. I had a moment of IKTA (I know this already.) We had been doing tree connecting and signature work with trees since Level One, so I was “ready”. She asked us to share energy with the tree as we had been practicing with each other earlier, but this time ask the tree a question, and listen, “feel” the answer with the energy that comes back from the tree. I was in. Love trees. So I picked my tree and snuggled up next to it. The sun was warm but not too hot, it was just lovely sitting there. Connecting to my Song first, then filling up with love I allowed the love and energy to overflow and reach out to the tree. Immediately the tree did the same for me. I could have just done this all day, but it was time to ask my question. Which took me a bit to figure out. Finally, I asked, “Why am I afraid to commit to these studies?” I felt the tree's energy towards me pause for just a moment, and then it sends, “What?” The tree didn’t understand. Here’s the thing when you share a thought, it’s packed. When you speak in feelings and thought forms, which everything on this planet can and does do, including spirits, it comes full of information. That “what?” was packed. It hit me hard. The tree had no clue what I was asking because the tree could only feel the truth within my Song, and not the lie my fear mask was telling me. The tree could not see any fear, it only could connect with the truth, and that truth was that I was utterly excited for the more of this work. The tree outed me, I truly wasn’t the least bit afraid. I was actually thrilled to have this opportunity.

Lies For the rest of this exercise, I sat there and cried. What a big lie. A lie that had been preventing me from so much. This beautiful tree gave me such a gift. I truly wasn’t afraid. Fear was just a story I had made up. In the days that followed I looked for more of these stories that I had been telling myself that were lies. I learned quickly that all of my fears were lies. Don’t get me wrong, I have concerns. There’s plenty I don’t feel the need to do that can be physically dangerous, but the fears around committing to this beautiful work of learning my full potential – that was a lie. I’ve been often told I was courageous to follow my path. The truth is there was never fear. Trust me, I fretted and lost a lot of sleep over the “what if’s” in the beginning. “What if I’m crazy?” “What if this is all made up?” “What if I lose everyone I care about following this path?” This was all babble for a period of time I listened to, and it about drove me crazy and made me miserable. That tree that day showed me the truth behind all the fear babble, I was never ever afraid to do this. In truth, I wanted it badly. I’ve been committed to following this journey of my potential ever since. I’ve made it clear to Kay that I’m all in, and that she is stuck with me now, but I don’t think she is surprised. Like the tree, Kay sees our Song too, even when we can’t yet. I have found over the years of apprenticing with her that she knew what she was doing when she sent me to sit with that tree that day. She’s amazing that way. You can watch one of our recent talks on The Benefits of Apprenticeship here.>> Are your fears lying to you? Are they keeping you from something that can actually bring you immense joy, happiness, and health?

I would love to help lead you out of your fears. I’ll be your tree. I and your spirit team are here to help. In a Spirit Guided Reading with me, I’ll help navigate answers to the fears holding you back. Or, join these studies. Step into The Call Of Your Song Online Course and start learning to hear your Song, and well a friendly tree coach, too. This world of awesomeness is here waiting for you. How amazing would this world be if we all would let go and stop listening to our fears? Here’s to a fear less world! Big love, Lora

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