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A frog in a blender

Back about 10 years ago when I was trying to figure out if I was crazy or not, I talked to a psychic that did runes. A southern man, who comforted me by calling me, “Darling.” He immediately talked about my gifts, but not being specific as to what they were. He said, “Darling, the train pulled up. Most people have to decide to get on or stay off the train. Your train opened all of its doors. You have to figure out how to walk through all of them at one time.” WHAT? When did I decide I was getting on? He nailed the overwhelmed feeling I was having, but the insight stopped there. What these gifts were he didn’t say. He also said, “Darling, you are like a frog in a blender right now.” Very graphic depiction of how I was feeling that I still laugh about.

Fast forward, I understand the metaphor that my spirits were showing him. Many of gifts open all at once, not allowing me to develop one at a time, I had to learn them all together, each evolving with the other.

Spirits love metaphors – visual stories that can keep unfolding.

The thing with a metaphor is what is truth today, will change and open, and give you more truth tomorrow. A metaphor like a train, said ten years ago, “it’s time to get on.” The metaphor today, said “all gifts opened at once.” No one is less true than they others, no matter how different they are from one point to the other realization. It was meant to keep trigging, keep opening, keep evolving — with you.

Spirits use of metaphors offer us “feelings” not just pictures. You get a sense of things. Spirits don’t want us thinking about it, but feeling it instead.

I used to get frustrated with the images they would push. And ask, “Couldn’t you using use your words?!” I once got a person swimming in a bowl of cranberries. Turned out to be one of the most profound, accurate messages that she needed to direct her life back on her soul’s purpose. To this day I’m curious how that specific message is still unfolding for her.

Now I love metaphors. They are so rich.

If you are interested in discovering the metaphors your guides have ready for you, they are only just a reading away.

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