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Finding Your Song

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

“I want what you got.”

I’ve had more than one person tell me this. I had a contractor tell me that he had spent the morning talking to a salesperson I just met with tell him, and he had agreed, that “it just feels so good to be around you.” Recently, I met with a woman who has been watching the webinar series I was in, and she said, “you are just as happy in person as you appear to be in those videos. It’s contagious.” These are all the biggest compliments of my life.

I love being happy. And no, I’m not happy all the time. But true happiness fills a bigger and bigger piece of my pie every day.

I work for it. Over the years with putting in the work, the work has gotten easier. The things that trigger negative emotions in me are smaller and weaker. I’ve been working towards it ever since I learned the Ka Ta See term Song.

Song is a poetic term that the elders of Ka Ta See who came to the states, to the modern world, to find and teach my teacher, Kay Cordell Whitaker, selected. Our modern language never created a word for “it”. This “it”, this Song, is us. It’s the big us. It’s the big us that expands our many, many lives. It’s our totality of all of our existences. It’s is our spirit, yet it so much more.

Our Song is who we are, who we really are. Our Song is what we are, and it is what we are really capable of doing and have done.

Our Song is the huge vastness of ourselves that reaches beyond our physical bodies, and is connected to everything.

There is a reason this word isn’t in modern languages. It was forgotten. We forgot who we were. We forgot what we were capable of doing. In some cases, we even feared these abilities and these understandings of the more that was in us. There was a long many years it probably wasn’t safe to know.

Fortunately, there were a few tribes and a few people… few, that keep these understanding and teaching goings. Like the Ka Ta See elders who found Kay and taught her, others have started coming out publicly and started sharing their teachings with the modern world. A new era has begun.

In Ka Ta See this is the Era of the Heart.

My teachers do an amazing job explaining this new era and more about Ka Ta See, and the importance of it all in a five part recorded series called Expanding Consciousness. It’s free and available to watch online here:

But back to what I got…

KD Lang has a song, Constant Craving. I remember the first time I heard it in 1992. I was in college. I cried. I think mainstream believed it was about a lover. Even then I knew it was a call to something more within each of us. The lyrics sing…

Even through the darkest phase

Be it thick or thin

Always someone marches brave

Here beneath my skin

Constant craving

Has always been

Maybe a great magnet pulls

All souls towards truth

Or maybe it is life itself

That feeds wisdom

To its youth

We call this the call of your Song. There’s an aspect of you that is awake, still alive, still knows, that there is more to you. Your Song calls to you. It wants you to know the more of you.

We’ve disconnected ourselves from our Song. We’ve disconnected ourselves from everything. We’ve checked out, numbed out and forgot.

This that I have, this happiness, this contagiousness, this glow, this is because I found my Song, and I’m working continuously to stay connect to it, and to life.

Slow and steady I’m peeling off mask I’ve worn of who I thought I was. Who the world told me I should be. I’m dropping them. I’m letting them go. I’m finding the real me, my Song, and I’m basking in it.

Here’s the biggest thing, it’s probably the things that others feel coming off me, I’m in love with myself. I found my Song and I’m totally enamored with it, with me. I don’t think you need to worry about me becoming a narcissist, because the more you learn about you, your Song, the more you feel your connectedness to everything, and you then fall in love with all of that too. You realize how fucking awesome our existence is, and then it’s so hard to be in a bad mood.

These days it’s actually easier for me to be in a good mood than a bad one. Negative emotions don’t feel comfortable in my body any longer and I seek to purge them verses feed them.

Here’s the other deal. I’m a control freak.

I do not like others controlling my emotional being. I own it. It’s mine to control. No one else. I still continually have other try to trigger a negative emotion. I see posts of people complaining about something bad that happen so others can rally to them and agree with them, and confirm their life sucks. I’ve had friends leave me since I won’t feed or join them in their negative emotions. I will join those who are in a bad mood who are reaching out to get out of their funk.

It’s not that your Song is always happy. Song can be disappointed and sad, too. It’s at the point you are out of control and are swept away in negative emotions that your masks, and not your Song, are in control that we try to pull ourselves back from. I like my control.

That’s what I ultimately teach. That’s what I learned. I teach you control. I teach you tools to find your Song, so that you know who you are and what you are capable of - all of it - in this life. I teach you tools to take back your happiness, your peace, your joy, and the amazing awesomeness that comes to your life by doing so. I teach you how to release your masks, your pain, your dependence - I teach you how to fall in love with this life.

You can have this amazingness that I got… if you want to learn. I will teach you the tools. I will help you find your Song.

I have a new live online course series coming up created specifically for those wanting this Song connection, and to connect with others seeking the same.

Includes Five Classes, Cost: $150 per person

Location: Live Online via Zoom - classes will be recorded

Taught by: Lora Keddie, Ka Ta See Shaman

Dates/Times: Thursdays from 7:00pm to 8:30pm PST - 5/23, 6/13, 7/11, 8/8, 9/5

There’s more in each of us. Some of our discontentment with our lives, even as perfect as some seem, is a lack of knowing who we really are, what we really are capable of, and ultimately why we are here.

This information is available to all of us. We knew it the day we were born. We have forgotten it among many other things about ourselves. We’ve buried it deep.

There’s an uncomfortable stirring that many of us feel. It’s a feeling of being disconnected, but most of us don’t know it’s a disconnection from ourselves. There is a longing for something, and we are not quite sure what. This longing is often for what we call in Ka Ta See our Song. Song is a poetic term for our own spirit, our own life energy, our own totality. Most humans have buried their Song very, very deep.

In this LIVE online, and recorded series, we will learn more about what is our Song and how to bring it forward into our lives so we can each find sustainable happiness and peace.

In this course series we will cover:

  • What is Song?

  • How do you find your Song?

  • How do you feed your Song?

  • What are Masks and how do you disengagement

  • How do blind beliefs control and limit you

  • What is Life Energy, how does it affect your health and happiness, and how do you get more

  • How to clear negative energies and keep negative energy away

  • How to avoid Mask triggers and tripwires and stay in your Song always

This class series is design to be applied directly to your life, and after each class we will have questions and answers to help as life offers you direct experience with this work.

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