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Manifesting: The Importance of Making Mistakes

I’m often in awe of the life my husband and I have created for ourselves. My life is better than I had wished for and imagined. To be honest, the younger of me might not have picked these choices that bring the abundance of delight to my life. In fact, when I look back the things that I got that were on my dream, they weren’t at all what I had expected. The beautiful of it was that I learned that directly. I directly experienced it and wasn’t just told by someone what I’d like and not like. I gave things a try. I gave lots of things a try. The more experiences I had, the more I learned about what I liked and what I really wanted to bring into my life. I learned what I REALLY didn’t want in my life. AND, I learned there was nothing wrong with wanting something and then not wanting once you experienced it. That process actually got me here to a place of more satisfaction.

It’s fun how we start out in life with our parents telling us “try it, you might like it,” to go to the “don’t take that career,” “don’t travel there,” “don’t date him.” It’s all with the best intentions. Most of their intentions are to not see us get hurt, because it would hurt them. Trying, making mistakes, is a key I found in learning how to success manifest.

Manifesting is like making a bowl of soup, but WITHOUT a recipe. When you learn soup making you learn some basic ingredients that make a soup a soup – like including a liquid, using a pot and spoon. After that, it’s all creativity and personal taste at play.

I’ll repeat – creativity and personal taste. And the only way we can develop personal taste is by tasting lots of things. We need to directly experience flavors and flavor combinations to know what we like. Sure, many of us do go through live believing what others have told us we should like. My stepdaughter was ten or eleven when she tasted her first pumpkin pie, because her dad told her she wouldn’t like it. She took a bit one Thanksgiving to make my mother happy and proceed to eat almost the whole pie.

You can definitely manifest the things others want for you in your life. It happens a lot. It’s when I started to know more of my own identity, my own likes, my own tastes, my own desired ingredients and my own desire manifests, that the BIG manifesting, the glorious, joyful, abundance, started to come my way.

One the biggest learnings was about “un-manifesting” to make room for the new manifesting. I’ve made pots of soup that I had envision being a culinary masterpiece. Upon takings a few, they were actually best composted and fed to the worms. I remember a couple of them I still ate because I had made them and didn’t want to waste them. Those were dinners that I couldn’t wait for them to be over, and that pot to be empty. One night I finally said, “This sucks,” and I threw out the soup and found something else. It was so freeing and I opened up the next couple of nights to delicious dinners.

Releasing what you have created, what you manifested because you thought you might like it, makes room for what you really want. I brought many things to my life because I thought that’s what I wanted. My first marriage is a good example.

Early in my first marriage I knew it was toxic and harmful, but I had created it. I had wanted it. Being in that relationship became the last thing I wanted, but I hung on, and things got worse. It took me a few years, but released it. And years later, manifested the relationship of lifetimes.

But we need these mis-manifests, or temporary experiences, to build direct experience toward the big ones that are so awesome they blow our minds. We have ideas of what we want, but until we taste it we just don’t know.

Un-manifesting isn’t always as easy as dumping the soup on the compost pile. My divorce took two years. Cried every time for the first four months. That’s often why we listen to others, and avoid taking chances. We don’t want pain. We don’t want struggle or potential suffering. So, we don’t try to figure out what we like and don’t like. We play a very safe game of “Dad says the pumpkin pie is gross, so I’m not going to try it.”

By no means am I suggesting you jump off a bridge or anything physically dangers. But there’s lots of small things our big fears prevent us from trying or doing or undoing, and we lose the opportunity of bring the big manifesting of a fabulous life our way.

How do we know what ingredients would make our best soup if don’t taste a bunch of them?

Honestly, just like the things in my life, I’m still building the perfect soup. I’m sure I’ll never reach that point, because I keep bringing things in and taking things out in my perfect soup life. I keep changing. I keep learning more and more about who I really am and what I really enjoy. AND new life ingredients keep coming available, so I have to swap out now and then of things I manifested before.

Manifesting, creating your desired life, is a continual process that include the VERY important step of making room my un-manifesting. By manifesting (mixing), trying (tasting), eliminating (composting), and manifesting something else (new ingredient based on what you now know you like better), you can develop your own fabulous life soup.

Un-manifesting is one key in successful manifesting. I’m going to be teaching a few other keys I’ve learned over the year in my upcoming 6 Class Series called … you guessed it… Manifesting. You can learn more about all fun details of this class here.

I hope you’ll check it out and let me share all my ingredients for you to try out.

Big love,


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