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Not so happy Halloween.

It’s Halloween and I’m working at putting together a whole 3 trick or treat bags for 3 of my little neighbors. Having come from a suburban neighborhood that hosted hundreds of trick or treat-ers each year, it’s nice to have this small group of farm kids.

Halloween has always held mixed emotions for me. And by always, I mean as far back as 5 years old.

As I child I loved the dress up. My parents were extremely talented. Both artist in their own way, they were incredibly creative in making costumes for us. Then, of course, I loved all the treats! As an early adult, I loved the parties. Now an older adult, I love the community, how people come out into a neighborhood and go door to door connecting with each other.

But Halloween for years had been my private hell.

“Had” in this sentence is very important here.

When I was a child, as far back as I can remember I felt things. I felt things in spaces. I would see things out of the corner of my eyes. I had at times woken up to find something looking down on me. I hated dolls. I wouldn’t keep them in my room unless they were in a box in the closet, because I once saw a doll make a face at me.

All of these things were happening WAY before I even knew there were horror movies or ghosts. My parents didn’t talk about these things or watch movies like that in our home. These things started way before my family owned a TV.

I would mention these happenings to my parents, and they would lovingly tell me there was nothing there and not to be afraid. That only increased my fear because whatever it was my parents didn’t know about it so they couldn’t protect me from it. So, I stopped talking about it. Every once in while my fear became large enough that I would be hysterical and my parents would hug me and tell me it was ok. My mother once put a bible in the closet and said that would keep the evil away. For years I slept in fetal position with my blankets over my head.

When Halloween came around it was worse. I hated trick or treating. I hated being out in the dark and all the scary decorations. As I got older, the costumes became more and more gruesome. When I went out it felt like eyes were following me everywhere and they would follow me back to my home. My fear would grow and grow, to a point no amount of candy that evening could keep me from not wanting to get home and turn on all the lights.

My nightmares were more frequent and worse around this time of year.

As I got older, I got better at telling myself there was nothing there, too. I still felt things and saw things in the corner of my eyes. I would smell things no one else did. I just got really good at saying it was nothing, nothing is there. I would pretend everything was as fine as everyone else thought it was.

It was in my 30’s that I started to look for answers to why it was worse during Halloween. I read a ton and researched a lot. For a long time, I believed what many believe, that the veils between our world and the spirit world are thinner this time of year, and spirits – bad and good – have an easy time slipping through to our world. I took on this belief for a while until I started studying Ka Ta See, and was able to moved past my fears, and have actual direct experience with ghosts and spirits.

What I learned; I now teach. And what I learned eliminated my fears.

My parents had one thing right, there was nothing to fear.

The teachings of Ka Ta See are over 30,000 years old. They have been consistently handed down unchanged. The further you go in the studies, practices and understandings, not this is not a spiritual practice or a belief system, the more you realize you have entered the land of quantum physics. At the earliest stages of the studies you begin to learn how thoughts are energy.

Thoughts are energy.

As humans, we have good thoughts and bad thoughts. So, we are sending out positive energy and negative energy all the time.

Physics and quantum physics talk about how like attracts like. Similar things are drawn to similar things. I could go deeper into the way each actually has an opposite particle that draws it to each other making it actually opposites attracting, but it’s like opposites… anyways… we going to stay in the big picture for now, with…

like attracts like.

So, if you have a bunch of good thoughts floating around, other good thoughts from other people floating around will gravitate to the strongest biggest form and get bigger. Remember this and use it to your advantage. We do over here at Keddie Farms. We draw as much goodness as possible to it constantly.

Likewise, a bunch of negative thoughts, like fear, worry, sadness, isolation, anxiety, etc., will also gravitate towards other like negative thoughts. Thoughts can build enough to become animated, like ghost. But ultimately, ghost are just thoughts.

Note: I’m not saying spirits, but ghosts. Spirits are not ghosts. Explaining spirits is a whole longer blog, but I can say in all my direct experience I’ve there’s never been a bad or evil one. I don’t believe there are any. There are bad people with lots of bad thoughts and actions, creating negative thoughts and possibly ghosts as they collect… but that’s just it, again ghosts are just thoughts. And as being just at thought, the only power they have over us is to play with our thoughts. They can make think fearful things. They can make us think we saw something like a doll’s face move. That’s all it can do. It can make you think in ways to create more fear and more negative thoughts, and it can merge with those thoughts and grow.

Back to Halloween. Halloween is all about fear these days. Connecting and celebrating with spirits, your deceased love ones and our community is rarely a part of it. Halloween is now all about creating as much fear as possible to trigger your adrenals into fight or flight. It’s about stomach turning gore. It’s about violence and physical harm to other humans. All of this creates lots and lots of negative thoughtforms from all the humans experiencing any of it.

Children are very sensitive to energy. As we age, many of us turn off this sensitivity to thoughtforms. Some children are more sensitive than others. A sensitive child like myself, feels these negative thoughtforms all around them, and during this season of horror their fear is triggered by other’s fear. As a child becomes more afraid, free floating negative thoughtforms feel this “likeness” and are drawn closer to the child. The child draws towards them, more the child fears, the more the child creates their own negative thoughtforms and then even more negative thoughtforms are drawn to them. It’s a vicious cycle.

This vicious cycle can be stopped by what we call “clearing”.

Clearing is the act of neutralizing, disappearing and/or sending away negative energy. Learning how to clear, teaching your child how to clear, and how easy it is can make a significant difference in their well-being.

As I learned, and more importantly experienced that these ghosts were just thoughts and they had no real power over me, I felt a whole new freedom. I learned how easy it was to clear and sometimes even fun. At first, I felt very courageous, but now really understanding there was nothing to be afraid of, so there no courage is required, I just feel happy and at ease.

Clearing is super easy and extremely powerful, but it must be done right.

I spent a lot of my life thinking I was doing it right. It was in practice of Ka Ta See and really understanding energy when I learned how to do it correctly. Correct clearing makes a significant, tangible difference.

Fall is a big purging and prepping season for me. I spend a little more time this time of year clearing my own home and spaces since I’ll be indoor a lot over winter. It’s part of my fall nesting rituals.

I thought it might also be a good time to teach others how to clear properly before they head indoors, too. Also, with the holiday visitors, it’s also handy to know, so you can clear after your friends and family have left.


In this Free Online Clearing Class, I’ll be teaching more about what exactly you are clearing and my favorite three methods for clearing. I’ll be setting the date soon, but if you are interested in my Free Online Clearing Class, email me at and I’ll add you to my list. I’ll record this class for those that can’t make the date, but I’ll need you to be added to the list to receive it. So, email me.

Also, if you want your home cleared, but aren’t interested in the class, I also offer Home and Business Clearing Service. You can find more information about it online here. >>

Not sure if you every been in a recently cleared space, but just the quality of air is amazing. So, reach out if you want to know or learn more.

Wishing you all a clean and clear season!

Big love,

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