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You don't need me.

You don’t need me. I know a statement like this is bad for business, but the more you get to know me, the more you will know how helping you develop your own connection to your spirit team is the real business I’m in. What I do, most of you can do, too, if you get out of your own way and learn to ignore your Masks and blind beliefs.

Your spirit team is right there with you. They are constantly communicating with you through signs, omens, body feelings, symbols, visions, dreams, songs, pennies, tarot cards — you name it, they are using it. They will use whatever you are willing to connect with. By beginning with one of these tools, you will become increasingly receptive to more direct communication with what Ka Ta See calls Spirit Abilities, what others might refer to as psychic abilities.

My favorite tool is my Pendulum. I began experimenting with a Pendulum about ten years ago after reading the book “Ask Your Guides,” by Sonia Choquette. I followed her instructions. I tried and tried, and nothing happened. There were moments when I thought it would move, could almost feel a tug, but ultimately, nothing.

Years later I started studying Modern Shamanism. I would journey a lot, connect with my spirit guides and have wild experiences. I was developing a relationship with my spirit guides but I still had a lot of doubts. I doubted my abilities and whether these things were actually happening. I needed a second option.

After a particular journey that had given me a very specific message, I still wondered if it was true or if my creative mind was making it up. It suddenly “popped” into my head (later I learned my team pushed it in) that I should try using a Pendulum again. With my previous experience, I didn’t hold much hope, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt. I grabbed a necklace I owned and gave it a try. It swung. A small and subtle movement, but it was there. I was so excited I started asking it all sorts of obvious questions: “Did I eat a banana for breakfast?” “Did my husband go to work today?” When my husband came home from work I made him sit down and watch this newfound skill the entire evening. Did I mention this guy’s patience and lack of surprise when I do things like this?

The more I used it, the more definite and pronounced the swings became. My sister had bought me a traditional Pendulum, unaware that I had begun to use one. I switched to it instead of using my necklace. At first, it seemed to work just as well. But then I started getting misleading readings. I began to lose trust in it, and ultimately my spirit abilities. It was at that time one of my spirit guides told me to “bless it”. I learned that my Pendulum needed to be “locked down” with a short ceremony that they gave me. The ceremony connects the Pendulum strictly to the “you” behind your Masks, Babble and Negative Thought Forms and your Spirit Guides. In Ka Ta See this real “you”, we call your Song. Without this ceremony, you can get all sorts of misdirection.

My Pendulum challenge didn’t end there. I learned that you have to be very specific with your words. Spirits are very accurate. How you propose your questions and what questions you ask is extremely important. Because of this, I made many mistakes. Never once did they give me the wrong information. My misreads had everything to do with inappropriate questions or not enough questions. I would stop asking when I got the answer I wanted, but in these cases, there was so much more I needed to know.

The use of a Pendulum is a practice, but a good practice. It’s a practice that benefits many families and households when done correctly. “Is my child sick?” “Did I lock the doors?” “Is this babysitter safe for my children?” “Will this job-change be good for my family?” I could go on and on.

Pendulums are just one of many tools you can use to start opening the doors of communication with your Spirits. They are there waiting to help you and your family live a happy and healthy Song-filled life.

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